Who I am & what I do

Hélène Claudel

UX designer since always but in charge only of UX since 2016. UX Certified by Nielsen / Norman group since 2018.

I have a great experience in e-commerce websites and apps. I’m working on strategic solutions user centered for big companies and also on workflows around production optimization.

Design Sprint facilitator Certified by AJ&Smart with Jake Knapp.

I could help you develop your product, in a good way with your team ! The Design Sprint is a methodology used by Google, Lego, Slack… lot of great companies and start-up to resolve a problem or define a new feature in 4 days (prototype and test included) !


What I'm good at

Mobile experience

I’m working mobile first for a long time now. IOS and Android apps don’t have secrets for me.


Data and user tests help me to create good user centered strategy for your product.


Great experience to create data based personae, user flows and define strategy for your product.


I’m just a natural person, so it’s easy for me to adapt my posture in regard of the people I meet.

Web and app

I’m in the web / app univers since 2006 now and I continue to be passionate by this !

Make it simple

My mind can create simple concepts from complex products. I also have good tools I’ve learned to use to work easily.


I work with cool companies




Store discount


Auchan international


That’s how I work as an UX designer

Every project needs a unique workflow, I’m very adaptive because every team is unique ! Design thinking, lean startup and agile are tools, not religions, it’s possible to combine them to create our unique process

Defining the subject

Benchmark, survey, analysis of the existing product…

Conduct the research

I’m using qualitative and quantitative research to analyse customer needs

Workshops and wireframes

We share our point of view around a table to define journeys and goals

UX Design & test

It’s time to make complete journeys on wireframes and prototypes to test our solution


It’s a part of Design Thinking adventure, we use the results of test to improve our work

UI and development

I’m making the passation to the UI designer and dev, and following the production


Let's start a project together!



My location

Lille, France

Business time

Mon – Fri 9.00 – 18.00